Food Storage: The Do’s and Don’ts of Storing Food Safely


Survival food storage is the best thing to consider for unforeseen events. Besides this, it will be best for your survival in case of global food crises. However, it can be dangerous if the food becomes contaminated because of your carelessness. Keep in mind that for building survival food storage for weeks, months, or years you should have known the basics. It is important to understand that storing food in incorrect manner will produce bacteria and toxins in it, which will be harmful for the human health and may cause food poisoning to you. That is why it is quite essential to understand the basics of survival food storage. Some of the important points are as follows:

Frozen Food Basics

It is important to understand that you can store food in a refrigerator for a particular period. For example, you can freeze meat for 3 -4 months easily. Thus, it is advisable to get an idea about the storage time of every food item you want to keep in your food storage. To keep food for a longer time, try to store them at the correct temperature. Besides this, you should be aware of the expiry dates of your frozen food. It is highly prohibited to eat expired frozen products, as it will be harmful for your health.

Tips for Long Term Food Storage

If you are planning to build long-term food storage for emergency then there are a lot of things, which you should keep in mind. To preserve your food for long-term, you must be aware of the fact that how long you want to preserve it. Survival food storage kit will be dependent on the time period for which you want to save it. Three types of storage kits are popular for the food storage, which are as follows:

72-hour storage kit

This type of food storage kit contains both water and food including fruits, juices, nuts, candies, etc.

3-Month storage kit

This kind of food storage kit includes everything you love to eat. The food items can be cereals, powdered milk, canned fruits, snacks, vegetable, and every food item, which you like to eat at your breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Storing these food items is not a big issue, you can preserve them in dry form whereas vegetables and fruits can be cut down into cubes and can be preserved in freezer.

1-year storage kit

Storing food for a year requires a lot of planning. If you are also planning to store food for a year or more than that then keep the following tips in your mind:

·         Try to keep as many canned-foods as you can, as they can be easily preserved for years.

·         Avoid preserving perishable food items and try to prefer storing the eatables in an appropriate bag like Mylar bag.

·         Keep food items at dry place and take care of its temperature. It is always advisable to keep the food cooler and away from sunrays for longer preservation.


If you are looking for the professional guidance on tips of storing food or building survival food storage then contact us now. We will provide you professional advice on storing food and fighting against any unforeseen event.